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Phentermine Pills Versus Capsules

If you are prescribed to take Phentermine, you are on your way to achieving the ideal body shape and weight for yourself. This is true especially if you make sure that you follow the prescription closely and couple the drug with a healthy lifestyle. However, what is the better Phentermine option? Is it the pills or the capsules? Though both contains the same ingredients and gives off the same effects, the two types of Phentermine can be different from one another. Check this article further and learn more facts about Phentermine pills versus capsules.Phentermine Pills Versus Capsules

Pills versus Capsules

Which of the two is the better option? Both types work the same way with each other. Since they contain the same formulation, they work well in stimulating the bodyís central nervous system. In the end, both pills and capsules effectively suppress the appetite, increase metabolism, burn calories, and the like. As a result, they work similarly in helping individuals to gain the goal they have set for their weight.

The only difference among the two Phentermine types is how fast they can take effect once taken. For instance, the capsule can work immediately after being ingested. More often than not, capsules are known as instant-acting medication. On the other hand, pills are slow-acting. Since tablets do not dissolve immediately when taken, they take a while before they can take effect.

The option of taking pills or capsules is dependent on your physician. He can recommend capsules or pills depending on your medical history. At times, the choice simply follows the discretion of the doctor.

Knowing Phentermine Better

The source or manufacturers of this weight loss drug have their own preferences in producing Phentermine. You just have to choose from the different pharmaceutical companies that offer phentermine in capsule or in pill form. What is important to note is that no matter what type of Phentermine you take, you must know the product better for higher chances of success.

For one, Phentermine must be taken following an appropriate dosage. You must not double the dosage prescribed to you and you must also not break the pill or capsule in half. If you do any of these, the drug will not be at its most effective state and worse, it can double the chances and intensity of its side effects. Also, it must be noted that the drug must only be taken in a short period of time, usually not more than three consecutive months. Taking Phentermine longer than necessary will only make the drug ineffective in your weight loss objectives.

Moreover, Phentermine, when taken, can cause mild to severe side effects. Hence, you must be ready with these risks. Some side effects of the drug can include nervousness, insomnia, restlessness, dizziness, blurred vision, chest pain, hypertension, and impotence. Overdose of this drug and intake of alcohol while under medication can increase the possibility of side effects.

There are also several things that must be remembered when under Phentermine medication. For best results, it must be taken two hours before breakfast and 10 hours before sleep. Remember that whether you are taking pills or capsules, this drug must be taken only once per day. Also, with the known side effects of the drug, it is not advisable to be taken by pregnant or nursing women, children, and infants.

You do not have to worry about Phentermine pills versus capsules thoughts anymore. Now you know that it is up to the discretion of your doctor in which type will work better for you. After all, both drugs will give you just the same results no matter what. Plus, what is important here is that you achieve your goals in getting back in shape and use the drug for your advantage. So, is it pills or capsules? It does not matter as long as you follow the prescriptions and precautions, you are good to go.

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