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Ingredients Of Phentermine: Why It Works

Phentermine is gaining more and more popularity these days when it comes to achieving weight loss goals. This is true because it is surprising that a small capsule or tablet can help anyone lose several pounds in just a short span of taking the drug. So now, the question is what makes this product really work effectively? The answer is the ingredients of Phentermine. Without the active ingredient of Phentermine, it will not be the same drug that the world knows today. Read on and find out more about the ingredients of Phentermine that make this drug gain its title of being one of the best obesity drug.

The Active Ingredient Present In PhentermineIngredients Of Phentermine: Why It Works

The greatness of Phentermine must be credited to phentermine hydrochloride, the sole active ingredient in the drug. This hydrochloride is white and odorless powdery substance that is soluble in several liquids particularly water and lower alcohol.

The Phentermine hydrochloride substance is an anorectic agent that helps people to lose weight successfully. It acts in stimulating the body's central nervous system to suppress the appetite. When this ingredient hits the brain, it allows the brain to command the body to feel full so that the person will stop eating.

Moreover, Phentermine hydrochloride also increases the energy level of a person since it works as a stimulant. This is very helpful in the losing weight process because the more energy a person has, the more calories he can burn in the end. Aside from phentermine hydrochloride, other ingredients in Phentermine pills include n-butyl, isopropyl alcohol, ethyl, propylene glycol, and more.

Phentermine Hydrochloride: A Closer Look

Now that you know the ingredients of Phentermine: why it works, and how it works, it is time to know more about the active ingredient of the drug. Phentermine hydrochloride is only ideal to be used for a short span of time only. It must be noted that this weight loss drug must not be taken for three consecutive months maximum. This is true because this ingredient can be addictive. In fact, there are some patients who struggle with withdrawal symptoms once they are advised to stop the use of the drug. More often than not, withdrawal symptoms can include weight gain, fatigue, headache, anxiousness, depression, and drowsiness.

For better effectiveness of the ingredient and the drug as a whole, it is recommended that Phentermine is taken around one or two hours prior to eating breakfast. This way, the appetite will be suppressed all throughout the day. Plus, since the drug can give sleep problems, it must be taken around 10 hours before going to bed at night.

However, though effective and proven safe and effective by the FDA, phentermine brings some risks. One can include from one or several of the side effects including irritability, nervousness, depression, insomnia, nausea, headache, blurred vision, swelling, chest pain, and the like. With these risks, Phentermine is not recommended to be taken without the prescription and supervision of a licensed medical professional.

Moreover, this active ingredient must not be taken by children, infants, pregnant, and nursing women. There are no adequate studies yet supporting the safety of this ingredient to these people. Also, if you have prior medical illness such as mental problems, glaucoma, and substance abuse, the intake of the drug must be discussed seriously with a professional first. This is because some drugs that you may have taken earlier can change the effect of Phentermine to you.

The active ingredient of Phentermine works effectively in losing weight. However, it is still recommended that you weigh your options first, analyze your current condition, and talk to a medical professional before taking Phentermine. While the ingredient of Phentermine works effectively in weight loss by suppressing your appetite, a healthy lifestyle is still recommended.

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