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Phentermine Pills

Phentermine pills is truly good news for every obese person these days. Within a short period of time, it is already possible to lose pound after pound from your current weight. However, there is more to Phentermine than being just an aide in losing weight. There are a lot of facts that you must know first about this pill before you go on using one.

Contrary to what a lot of people think, Phentermine is not the same as any other weight loss drug out there. Though it is FDA-approved, it must only be taken with proper prescription. The pills are not only recommended to be taken as a weight loss supplement but a help for obese people who are facing serious medical risks.

Phentermine in the MarketPhentermine Pills

Phentermine is available almost everywhere especially in the Internet. It comes in capsules and tablets in variations of colors depending on the manufacturer. The drug is also available in 37.5, 30, and 15 milligrams of dosage.

Before one can purchase Phentermine, it is a requirement that he has a prescription coming from a qualified professional. However, despite this fact, a lot of people can still purchase this drug in the market with the rise of Phentermine without prescription drugs.

Phentermine: The Proper Dosage

Phentermine is not a drug that can be used for a long-term basis. It works perfectly in a short term basis shredding a lot of weight from the person using it. If the drug is taken longer than prescribed, it cannot function properly anymore. Same is true for taking the drug more than what is required.

With the risks associated to the incorrect dosage of Phentermine pills, it really is important that patients follow the correct dosage or must not take one without prescription. A simple mistake in the intake can lead to serious troubles.

The proper dosage of the drug is dependent on the age and medical history of the patient taking it. A doctor needs to study the health of the person first before he can provide an accurate prescription. Phentermine is taken only once per day. The best time to take it is one to two hours before breakfast so it can work to properly suppress the appetite. This is also necessary so that the patient will not suffer much from Phentermine's side effect, which is sleeplessness.

Moreover, it is important for patients to remember that the intake of Phentermine drug alone will not do much of a help for them. Phentermine medication must be coupled with healthy lifestyle, proper exercise, and proper diet to ensure good results in the end. A good lifestyle will also help lessen the side effects that are usually associated with the drug.

Phentermine: The Side Effects

There are a number of noted side effects associated with this drug when improperly used. Mild side effects of the drug include dry mouth, blurred vision, irritability, sleeplessness, nausea, vomiting, constipation, and gastrointestinal disturbances. Moderate side effects, on the other hand, include pounding heart, difficulty in breathing, swelling, chest pain, and difficulty in urinating.

It must also be noted that the intake of alcohol while under Phentermine medication can make the side effects worse. The same is true if you double your dosage or if you take the drug longer than necessary.

It is true that a lot of people have already benefited from the wonders of Phentermine pills. However, this does not mean that your story can be the same as them. If you consider taking the pills for your weight problems, consult a medical professional first. Only with his approval and prescription can you start taking this drug. Plus, follow the necessary precautions and rules to ensure that the drug will help you for the better and not make your health situation worse.

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